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Funhouse, is the fifth album from singer-songwriter, Pink. Yes, it is entitled Funhouse, but don’t expect an album laced with happy, frolicking in the sun beats & lyrics. This is Pink – the rebellious artist whose mission is to distinguish herself from the pop mold and churn out no holds barred, soul baring songs. The album’s lead single, “So What,” (peaked at #1), presents the overarching theme of the album — heartbreak & the healing process – of sorts. Pink proclaims “I’m still a rockstar …I don’t want you… I’m having more fun now that we’re done”. This uptempo rock track is on its way to being added to the list of empowering, I can do bad all by myself anthems.

The title track, “Funhouse” is reminiscent of the No Doubt era, which comes as no surprise since it was produced by No Doubt’s Tony Kanal. Pink sings about a relationship that “used to be a funhouse, but now it’s full of evil clowns.” While some are busting car windows, Pink is burning down haunted houses, the proverbial “house” of marriage that is. Although it seems as if Pink has accepted her reality, she lapses into denial at times, clinging onto hope for a relationship that has flatlined. In “I Don’t Believe You,” Pink realizes “you’re the swing set and I’m the kid that falls” and in “Please Don’t Leave Me,” she admits “I can’t be without you, you’re my perfect little punching bag.”

There is no shortage of raw emotions on Funhouse. Pink shares her stages of denial and regret, and in songs like “Mean” and “Crystal Ball,” she reflects on the demise of the relationship, her false expectations & disappointments. While sticking to the Heartbreak House theme, the album’s mood is lightened with songs infused with silly lyrics, catchy hooks and rock/electro/pop hybrid beats. Although Funhouse begins with a liberated, confident vibe, it takes you on a bumpy emotional rollercoaster that ends with “Glitter in the Air,” a song filled with unanswered questions.

Hope? Regret? Introspection? Confusion? It sounds like Pink did some therapeutic venting about her divorce, and released the Breakup Album of the Year.

Funhouse hits store shelves today, October 28th

Bonus tracks “This Is How It Goes Down,” “Could’ve Had Everything,” &
“Why Did I Ever Like You are available on iTunes

“So What” Video

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